About Aether Festival 2020


Over the last three years the event section of Atticus Oldman’s Steampunk Almanac ‘Miss Shelley’s Shameful Shenanigans’ has enabled some of the international Steampunk community’s finest live performers to visit Scotland’s ancient capital of Auld Aether Reekie.

These wonderful acts have to date included – Professor Elemental, LMJ3 & Steampunk FunkBizarre, The Wattingers, Teahorse, Feline & Strange, Victor Sierra, Michkin Fitzgerald and The Red Hot Rhythm Makers!

The increasing popularity of these concerts and projects has reached the point where a full Steampunk Festival north of the border is now possible for spring 2020 and so ‘Miss Shelley’s Shameful Shenanigans’ is becoming ‘Aether Festival’. This will enable project development to happen and allow fundraising to begin under this new much easier to remember brand name.

The Event

Several superb venues with a wonderful Victorian feel to them have already been identified as potential locations – Being ideally suitable for a wide range of themed activities such as Tea Duelling and Bartitsu & Antagonistics displays and workshops, family friendly day performance and even a small makers market. The day is intended to close with an evening concert featuring a fantastic line up of international Steampunk musical talent

While the event will be the largest event of its kind here in Scotland so far – The aim is to raise awareness of Steampunk to as wide a new audience as possible. The goal is to therefore keep as many elements of the event as free to enjoy or as cheap as possible to participate within.

Covering Costs – 50% Invested

To make the event as spectacular as possible I am looking to crowdfund 50% of the estimated total costs and have personally pledged to recover the remaining 50%. A kickstarter campaign is being started over the next few days. Details will be available here first!

Participation Application

Please use this form if you are interested in participating in Aether Festival 2018!

How Do You Intend To Participate?

Welcome To Aether Festival!

Hosted by Edinburgh based artist and web designer Wullie Steele who hosts the Steampunk Almanac website and The Absinthe Affairs O’ Atticus Oldman weekly web radio show on Nusakan Radio – Aether Festival is constructed with experience forged over 20 years groundbreaking work in creative and community web development!

Pre-Launch information is now being compiled online and those with an interest in participation or even patronage can now use the guide available via www.aetherfestival.com

Sponsorship & Patronage

To help keep Aether Festival free to participate in whilst allowing the event to grow and develop I am interested in hearing from interested parties who may be able to assist by way of a sponsorship deal or even as a patron.

If you are such an interested party – Please use this form to contact me directly….

Contact Form

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